Calming Essential Oils for Kids and Good Sleep

Essential Oils are helpful for various health problems, and their use promotes overall well-being. You can rely on calming essential oils for kids and good sleep for everyone in the family. These oils give a soothing smell that relaxes the tensed muscles and the mind. Today, many people use essential oils to relax their minds and manage their emotions.


The medical practice of calming the body with natural fragrances of essential oils is known as Aromatherapy. We get essential oils and their fragrance from the roots, flowers, leaves, or the trees’ bark. Regular and proper use of essential oils can help parents soothe their children and minimize their anxiety levels. Moreover, calming essential oils can also reduce mental stress.


If the child suffers from problems like nausea, colic, and bodily pain, essential oils can reduce their symptoms. However, while using essential oils, you should be careful about the oil components you’re applying to the child. If the essential oil contains alcohol, you must avoid it because it may irritate the child’s skin.


Using adulterated essential oils isn’t wise because such oils may harm the child and may not benefit in any way. You should always look to buy the purest essential oils to help your child sleep better. Natural essential oils don’t only have varied fragrances, but they also have different health benefits. Please avoid applying essential oils to kids without mixing them with other oils to prevent intense smell and irritation.




Lavender Essential Oil contains a soothing aroma that relaxes the body, and its fragrance relieves stress. The oil originates from a Lavender Shrub, and its aroma also has an essence of pine. The purest lavender essential oil comforts the body so that you can sleep well.


You can also use Lavender oil on children above three months of age, and it can help them sleep peacefully. You may dilute the lavender essential oil with another oil and massage the baby or use it as a spray. It’s best to diffuse the lavender essential oil about an hour before going to bed.


To create a spray, you may mix 15 drops of lavender essential oil with distilled water and some witch hazel drops. While using the lavender essential oil as a spray, you may experiment with the number of drops.


Lavender oil can also soothe the skin after an insect bite and prevent itching sensation in the body. The natural aroma of the lavender also keeps the insects away from the laundry and home. However, while applying the lavender essential oil, don’t experiment with the recommended dilution.




Cedarwood essential oil helps the body maintain the pineal gland’s proper functioning and release hormones responsible for a good sleep. The Cedarwood essential oil is derived from the bark of its tree, and it provides an earthy-sweet scent. Parents who suffer insomnia or just can’t sleep due to their kids will benefit from Calming Cedarwood Essential oil.


Cedrol, an essential component found in Cedarwood oil, promotes good sleep with its sedative effect on the body. The sedative effect can also put insomniac people to sleep comfortably without frustrating them. The Cedarwood essential oil can help you minimize the harsh feelings of anger, anxiety, and stress.


Regular use of the Calming Essential Oils like Cedarwood can also help you control emotions, stay happy, calm, and relaxed. Like Lavender oil, you may also use the Cedarwood essential oil to prevent bugs and insects.


Natural Essential oils should be carefully diluted before applying to the babies, and the Cedarwood oil shouldn’t be orally consumed. You may also use a diffuser to spray the oil in the bedroom of the child. The diffuser will spread the Cedarwood’s aroma in the room, and it’ll relax the child’s body.




Boswellia Sacra trees are used to produce Frankincense essential oil to help babies and adults sleep properly. This essential oil provides a strong aroma that smells sweet with wood and citrus. The Frankincense oil relaxes the mind and promotes good sleep with its strong aroma; it also helps the body heal quickly.


You can use Frankincense essential oil to help babies heal naturally and let them have the proper rest. To massage the body with Frankincense essential oil, you may take its few drops in your palm and rub gently.


To benefit and purify your lungs, you may add a few drops of frankincense essential oil to warm water. Upon breathing the steam infused with frankincense oil, your body will be able to relax and sleep better.


While using the oil on kids, it’s best to use the recommended dosage to prevent itching or any other side effects. Instead of directly applying the oil to kids, you may also diffuse some oil drops on their pillow.




Like other essential oils, Chamomile oil comes from its plant and gives a herbal smell with Apple notes. The chamomile essential oil provides various benefits like better digestion, healing wounds, and helps fight depression. Natural Chamomile essential oil can also help you take proper rest and sleep better.


People with insomnia may also get significant relief from Chamomile essential oil’s regular use and avoid sleepless nights. You may also use Chamomile Oil in a diffuser to sprinkle it in the room and spread its aroma. You may take a few diluted drops and apply gently to massage the body with chamomile essential oil.


You can also mix the Chamomile essential oil with lotions and apply them to the body. The mixture of lotion and Chamomile oil soothes the muscles and moisturizes the skin. The smell activates the sleep hormones and promotes sound sleeping patterns.


Adulterated chamomile essential oil may harm kids’ and adults’ skin. One should always buy the purest and calming essential oils for good sleep from reliable sellers.




Applying Marjoram essential oil on the body can help children and adults sleep better. The Marjoram essential oil has various properties that ensure better health and sound sleep. Antiseptic, antiviral, and analgesic are amongst the many properties of the Marjoram oil. Manufacturers use the steam distillation process to extract Marjoram essential oil from the dry and fresh leaves of the plant.


Appropriately diluted Marjoram Oil can help reduce pain, avoid infections and insomniac tendencies. Moreover, the aroma of the Marjoram essential oil can relieve your stress and comfort the body. You may massage the backside of your neck with Marjoram essential oil to reduce stress.


The diluted Marjoram oil can help children relax and sleep without disturbing their parents. Moreover, you may also drop at your child’s bedside so that aroma helps them sleep properly. The spicy aroma of the Marjoram oil makes it perfect for relaxing after a long day of work. The strong scent of the oil prepares the body for sound sleep and faster recovery.




Essential oils and their fragrance can significantly enhance the sleep quality of kids and adults alike. The fragrance of some oils can also provide multiple health benefits and promote overall well being. 


Regular use of the essential oils as per the dosage won’t harm the body. However, one should be cautious while purchasing essential oils. There shouldn’t be any harmful substance mixed in the calming essential oils for kids and good sleep.